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Day:1   09:00 Pick up from the hotel Roman Emperor Hadrianís Gate, Old Harbor, Archeological Museum which is one of the richest and largest in the world.Back to Hotel.

Day:2  09:00 Pick up from the hotel Roman city of Perge, where St. Paul gave his first speech about Christianity; Aspendos, the best preserved Greco - Roman Amphitheater in the world; and Side, which was the center of slave trading and a harbor city during the Roman Period.Back the hotel.

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Cappadocia - Pamukkale - Ephesus (5 days)

Day 1 - Istanbul - Cappadocia
Take the morning flight from Istanbul Ataturk airport to Kayseri. Arrival and meeting at the airport just outside the arrival's gate with a sign bearing your name and transfer to Cappadocia. In the morning, first meeting with the lunar landscape of Cappadocia: rock formations beyond belief in Devrent valley; walking in Pasabag near Zelve ; "fairy chimneys" where the voice of wind mixes with the "songs of fairies". Lunch in Avanos, centre of terra cotta work of art since 3000 BC. and a demonstration in a traditional pottery workshop. Afternoon, visit the famous Goreme Open Air Museum and see the best examples of Byzantine art in Cappadocia in rock-cut churches with frescoes and paintings (10th to 13th century). Continue to the Uchisar Rock-Castle to have a panoramic view of the valleys of Cappadocia.Overnight Cappadocia

Day 2 - Cappadocia
Tour to Kaymaklı Underground City, one of the most interesting underground settlements in Cappadocia. Soğanlı Valley, an Open Air Museum in a wild natural setting near a typical Cappadocian village with its different style Rock-Cut churches and frescoes. Villages in the valleys, surrounded by the "table top" mountains, are spectacular. Lunch and Visit to Sahinefendi ( Sobesos ) newly discovered (01 May 2002) mosaic houses & Archaeological excavation site. Continue with Keslik Monastery near Cemil, that hides its frescoes behind a very thin smoke layer which we can only see by torch light. Our tour finishes with a visit to Mustafapaşa (Sinasos), an old Greek town with its spectacular old Greek houses; very fine examples of late Greek settlements and architecture. Overnight Cappadocia

Day 3 - Cappadocia - Ephesus
Take the morning flight from Kayseri to Izmir  by Sunexpress ( Saturdays & Wednesdays, direct flights by Sunexpress - Departure: 09:25am Arrival: 11:00am, the other days via Istanbul by Turkish airlines: 06:45 ASR IST 08:15 TK0267 THY  
09:00 IST ADB 10:05 TK0316 THY) . Arrival and meeting at the airport and Visit to the ancient city of Ephesus. We will spend several hours walking in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Caesar, Cicero, Apostles Paul and John and many other familiar historical names. The recently opened Slope Houses where the wealthiest Romans lived are an excellent example of sensitive excavation and presentation. The mosaics and frescos are spectacular. Tradition has it that Virgin Mary was brought here by St John after the Crucifixion and lived her final years near the city of Ephesus on an isolated mountaintop. A lovely chapel is constructed on the site tended by Franciscans and open to visitors. It has been designated a pilgrimage site by the Pope. Overnight Sirince or Kusadasi near Ephesus. (B)

Day 4 - Ephesus - Pamukkale
Drive to Pamukkale, on the way, visit to Aphrodisias. Aphrodisias was primarily known as a center for the arts, specifically sculpture. The Aphrodisias School of Sculpture had a distinctive style and was very well circulated throughout the Greek and Roman world. Discovery of Travertine terraces and Hierapolis. The travertine terraces at Pamukkale are one of the most spectacular natural wonders we ever have seen from various mineral springs in a vast white cliff side, about 200 m overlooking the plain, calcite-laden waters have dripped down over a series of terraced levels and created a fairyland of bizarre solidified cascades and shell-shaped basins. It looks like creations from snow or like balls from cotton, which gave the scenery the Turkish name Pamukkale (cotton castle): “pamuk” for cotton and “kale” for castle. Moreover the water in the basins is changing its color according to how the light enters. Overnight Pamukkale. (B.D)Day 5 - Transfer to airport in

Day 5 - Pamukkale - Istanbul
Denizli and take a flight from Denizli to Istanbul  Connect to your international flight and leave Turkey

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Ephesus is the best-preserved classical city on the Mediterranean,and perhaps the best place in the world to get the feeling for what life was like in Roman times. As a strategic coastal gateway to the Eastern World, this Ionian refuge grew to be the second largest city in the Roman Empire, the site of a Christian shrine, and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Legend has it that the Virgin Mary,accompanied by St. Paul, came to Ephesus at the end of her life,circa 37-45 AD. Renaissance church historians mentioned the trip, and it is said that local Christians venerated a small house near Ephesus as Mary's. In 1967 Pope Paul VI. visited the site, where a chapel now stands, and confirmed the authenticity of the legend. Also the Basilica of St. John is located near Ephesus. St. John is said to have lived the last years of his life here and after his death, a shrine was located over his grave.

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Kizkalesi (Maiden's Castle), ancient Korykos. The town derives its name from the castle situated on a small isle 200 meters offshore. In the past it was a small peninsula, but in time it lost its tie to the mainland and it is now a small island. Inside the castle there are the ruins of a Byzantine church. The castle was built by the Greeks colonists in the 4th century BC. in order to prevent enemy attacks from the sea.
Narlikuyu : A short drive from Kizkalesi will take us to a small village located on a beautiful bay called Narlikuyu. At the entrance of the village stands a small building known as Kizlar Hamami (Bath of the Maidens) in which there is a 4th century AD mosaic depiction known as the Three Graces, Euphrosyne, Aglaia and Thalia who were minor deities generally associated with Aphrodite.

Cennet (Paradise) chasm: 2 kilometers inland from Narlikuyu there are two natural land formations; one is the Cennet (Paradise) chasm, 200m long and 70m deep. It is best to visit in the morning or late afternoon and a pocket torch will be needed. Around 500 steps will take visitors down to a small plateau where a 5C Byzantine church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin can be visited. To go further down a torch will surely be needed and 200m long path will lead to a huge cavern.
Cehennem (Hell), Around 75 meters east of Cennet chasm is the Cehennem (Hell), a 120 meters deep and 70 meters wide sinkage. The cliffs lining the sides of this abyssal hole are so precipitous that only experienced climbers can go down.

Dilek Magarasi (the Cave of Wishes): Not too far from the Chennem is the deep Narlikuyu Cave which is also known as Dilek Magarasi (the Cave of Wishes). As a part of the Corycian Cave group, Narlikuyu Cave is a natural formation full of stalagmites and stalactites enriched with calcium carbonate. Because of its humid air the cave is also serving as a health center for those who are suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases. There is a flight of steps descending which was carved on the rocks during the Roman era.

Mausoleum of the Fearless King (Mezgit Kalesi). : Between Susanoglu beach and Pasli village is the Mausoleum of the Fearless King (Mezgit Kalesi). The facade of the mausoleum is 8 meters high and decorated with Corinthian columns.
Adamkayalar, the Cliff of Men: Between Narlikuyu to Kizkalesi a rough track of 8 kilometers will lead to Adamkayalar, the Cliff of Men, one of the most interesting sites around Mersin. The rough path ascends to the hill, providing gorgeous views of a coastline scattered with the ruins of ancient buildings. On the right side, the visitors can immediately notice the ruins of a 1st century AD building which probably formed part of an early Christian settlement, and a well-preserved Roman tomb. After a 1 kilometer walk to the left of the path we reach the Adamkayalar, a Roman necropolis dating back to 1st century AD. Here the tombs, cut from the rocks, have reliefs of the persons buried inside. On some of the reliefs persons are shown as sitting on a chair, others are depicted as armed warriors. A few of them are depicted with their wives.


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